For 4 years we have been dressing girls for happiness

The finest fabrics from the farthest corners of the world, thanks to the skill of our fairies, will actually make you a Cinderella. Come and see the magic of our dresses. Incredible emotions are guaranteed.



How we work

About us

Who are we? «SIRAK» is a family business. It was founded by us – 6 Sirak sisters. We have long been in dispute over what should be the perfect dress? For 4 years of our work we have realized that every girl has her perfect dress. That’s why we created 400 unique handmade dresses. We carefully selected laces, fabrics, accessories for these dresses from all over the world, we thought over every detail so that you would be perfect.

Our every dress is magical. Once you wear a SIRAK dress, you can change your life forever. Our dresses are flammable, contain materials that attract hot looks. Put on a SIRAK dress – be brighter than the sun!

About our service

Our goal is to make sophisticated, high-quality, expensive dresses affordable for every girl, because each of us is worthy of being a Queen. To achieve our goal, we operate a dress rental. Any of our unique dresses can be rented. 

Also, any dress can be purchased.

There is no rental service for wedding dresses.


We are happy to see our customers beautiful.

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